Our aim is
  • • To promote the art of TaeKwon-Do as taught by the founder Grand Master General Choi Hong Hi 9th Degree
  • • To provide a service to affiliated instructors by assisting with the promotion and administration of their schools
  • • To provide a service to affiliated students by helping to improve their knowledge and experience of TaeKwon-Do
  • • To maintain high safety standards and quality of tuition in all affiliated schools

Both Instructors and students can benefit from being a member of ILT

Affiliated instructor’s and black belts are provided with courses including free black belt training sessions, instructors courses, umpires courses and first aid courses. We also run courses on sports science, sports psychology, coaching etc.

Instructors receive a monthly newsletter and e-mail bulletin service so they are the first to know the latest information relating to Taekwon-Do.

All students and instructors of ILT follow the rules and regulations and they have access to all the benefits of ILT membership (i.e. ILT certificates, international course and regular competitions.

All the necessary insurance is dealt with by us, providing indemnity insurance for instructors, club insurance, student liability insurance etc through our insurance brokers.

All ILT schools follow guidelines set out by UKTI which ensure that the student receive the highest standard of tuition. We have strict safety guidelines that ensure the student trains in a safe environment.

All instructors are fully qualified with an ILT black belt certificate, instructor’s certificate and first aid certificate. Our instructors teach the ILT syllabus that was designed by our senior instructors. The syllabus is based on the ITF system and is structured to be progressive and comprehensive.

We publish and produce various educational aids for students. All members receive a study booklet to guide them through our grading syllabus; we have also produced a selection of high quality, low cost instructional DVDs.

We hold at least four annual tournaments. All competitions follow ITF rules and are open to all ILT – ITF affiliated schools. Students who are keen on competitions have the opportunity to enter international competitions abroad.

We are a rapidly growing Martial arts Organisation. Our success is mainly due to the quality and professionalism of our instructors.