Our purpose

NGB Council aims to promote and encourage amateur and open Martial Arts within the ILT and provides a forum for Martial Arts within the NGB. It is composed of representatives of various Arts-sports that are active within ILT and other organisations with an interest in Marital arts. We are continually developing our program of Events and educational meetings and other activities aimed at supporting sport-Arts within the ILT and are able to advise on current issues and matters of interest affecting Martial Arts.

In partnership with the UKTI and other interested organisations promoting Martial Arts, it is our aim to promote and encourage participation in Martial Arts and in particular, the participation of young people, women, members of ethnic minority communities and those with special needs.

The ILT Council liaises with the UKTI Council and other Organisations on matters concerning Martial Arts and recreation and is often represented on other bodies usually to provide opinions, support or advice. It is also the responsibility of the NGB to distribute grants in accordance with the determined policy, to individuals, clubs and organisations. School clubs and organisations may join as non-voting members and individuals can also be invited to join.

Head Instructors and Examiners,Grand Master Menelik Kahil 9th Degree, Senior Master Hiron John 8th Degree, Mr Kevin Kelly 5th Degree, Mr Max Hoo-Quartey 5th Degree, Mr Tony Kendall 5th Degree and Liam John 4th Degree..

The ILT holds:
Regular Grading for Black Belts
Regular Instructor courses FREE
Regular Black Belts training sessions every four weeks
Regular Umpire and Referees course FREE
Regular Fight Nights, National and International European competitions
Child Protection courses
First Aid courses